Habanera Dove

Would we come up with a new national dish? — And if we in Colombia, do decide to have a Reunification Holiday, what are we supposed to do on that day? We could potentially come up with a new national dish that celebrates this coming-together combining the diet of the jungle of rice, lentils and beans with some bird of the diet of the city.

The Habanera Dove or Pigeon is born when the visionary chef Manolo Ángel, while laying on the stairs of the Cathedral at Bogotá’s main square, Plaza de Bolivar, looks at the pigeons in front of the congress and says: Post Conflict is coming and it changes everything. I will cook a dish that can be helpful for approaching this time and digesting it.

The Habanera Dove is a dish that requires certain anticipation before preparing it. The bird must be marinated and soak the lentils. The Dove brings sweet tones of honey and strident spice from the habanero. It comes with lentils prepared in a pressure pot (so they get ready faster), and little cubes of sweet plantains, also known as Maduro. White rice with onions is also there and some salad consisting of lettuce and tomato. The ideal drink for it is the energetic aguapanela (sugar cane juice) with lime, so you are ready for keep going.

Habanera Dove
Marinated Chicken with honey and habanero.
Lemon, Honey, Olive Oil, Garlic, Habanero and Coriander.

Brown Lentils with Onions cooked in a pressure pot.

White Rice with Onions.

Sweet Plantain cubes.

Lettuce and Tomato Salad with oil.

Aguapanela with Lime (Sugar Cane juice with Lime).

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