The Other / One

Would we develop a new language? — Traditionally we have referred to the Other as Rat, Terrorist, Castro Chavista, Pig, Beast, among many others. We have built the figure of the Other in a violent and despective way to define the figure of the One that is the one that opposes. ¿What new dictionary or language would we develop to name the Other?

The adjective ‘fariano’ (belonging to FARC) starts to be used in some places as an insult but before it establishes itself as that, how do we find ways of constructing the figure of the Other with respect and acceptance? We need to be conscious of the differences that make us the same and develop a new understanding and language that enables us to name the Other, the may oppose to One, but at the end still belong together.

How do new words and expressions emerge in the coming time to facilitate our communication? And also the way in which we can see, recognize and relate?
Build the Other through language.