Colombian Reunification National Day

Would we have a new National Holiday? — All the historical events that Colombia has experienced in the last months bring the possibility to consider having a new national holiday. Something like a Colombian Reunification National Day, that is meant to be a day to remember the end of the violent conflict between the Colombian state and FARC-EP.

But when would this holiday take place?
There have been so far several dates with important events:

El Acuerdo de Paz con las FARC inició el 4 de Septiembre de 2012.
Finalizó el 24 de Agosto de 2016.
Se firmó oficialmente el 26 de Septiembre de 2016.
El 2 de Octubre de 2016 se rechaza el acuerdo en un plebiscito
El 24 de Noviembre de 2016 se firma y ratifica un acuerdo revisado a través del congreso de Colombia.
En Junio 27 de 2017 se entregan las armas en el día D+180(+27).

Is this going to be an arbitrary decision? Are we collectively deciding on that?

Is this going to be a holiday that takes place every 4 years like the time it took to negotiate it? Is it going to be celebrated every 50 years as the time the Colombian Conflict with Farc lasted? Is this holiday replacing an older one?

Which economical implications will it have? Considering that Colombia is one of the countries in the world with the most Holidays (But also short vacation days). And that we Colombians have interesting dynamics of moving every holiday to Monday so that we have every time a long weekend, or as we call it in Colombia: un Puente (A Bridge). A decision made in order to promote tourism and celebrate the possibility of traveling again by road. Would we have another Bridge?

Are we placing this new holiday on purpose between two other holidays so that we can take free the whole week? Or maybe we do consider placing it on the 27th of June so that we have 4 holidays in three weeks.

Otro Puente?